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"There’s no doubt that this supplement has been amazing for Noah! His receptive language, understanding and follow through has drastically improved. He seems to be noticing things around him more. And I’m getting even better eye contact, and for longer periods of time. Along with all these new sounds and words we have been hearing lately!!!! Noah has been doing fantastic!!"
- Danielle Mager, parent review
"This product is AMAZING! first off it is like everything you want and need for any child but ontop of that it also has vitamins and minerals specific to help improve mood and behavior which is key for my son. My son has ADHD and Sensory issues and I mix this in his orange juice and within days the melt downs were less frequent and his ability to handle frustration improved so much that I STARTED TO TAKE IT TOO! Yes, it's for adults too and since I've started it, I have greatly reduced my stress and I just feel better, more energy and concentration is better. I highly recommend this for all moms and just anyone looking for something high quality and without the added junk in most gummies and others! It literally is the best of the best!"
- Candy, parent review
"This absolutely was a lifeline for me when it came to my ASD son. There were so many changes in our house last fall with a new baby and new school and my son's behaviors were showing it. Meltdown after meltdown and barely any attention span. Within days of using this product he is calmer, more focused and is starting to verbalize his feelings instead of just melting down and lashing out. He actually saw himself getting upset and self-soothes before getting angry and getting aggressive yesterday. This NEVER would have happened before Simple Spectrum. I can't wait to see what more strides we have to come! Thank you!"
- Tonya Karnes, parent review
"My son has been taking simple spectrum for two weeks now and I am honestly so impressed! His attention and focus has definitely approved and he is sleeping better! He has even mastered out of several of his programs in ABA therapy. So exciting! I love knowing that this supplement is the highest quality without all the junk in other supplements. I definitely recommend giving this a try!"
- Megan Carranza, parent review
"My daughter is 11 years old. started taking this about a month and a half now. it has made a tremendous difference in her recollecting events!! She has never been able to tell us what happened in a day, but she reminded us of an event from a couple weeks ago!!The best feeling in the world!! We also see her anxiety more controlled no biting nails!! One more thing is her Seborrheic dermatitis has almost diminished on her scalp and her ears are a11 but cleared up!!"
- Melissa Ruybal Valle, parent review
"My son is on the spectrum along with ADHD, ODD and PTSD, and lets be honest, getting him to eat the foods he needs has always been an issue because of his sensory issues and attention. It’s always a worry for any parent as to whether their children are getting all the vitamins they need let a lone a parent with a child on the spectrum. This product has taken away all my worries and enables me to get piece of mind whilst ensuring my son is getting the nutrients he needs. I have noticed mood changes and increased concentration. If you aren’t getting the nutrients you need, your body and mind aren’t working at full capacity. Imagine that in a child?!? I couldn’t recommend this product enough, it gives me one less thing to worry about and allows us to enjoy our days and focus elsewhere."
- Ashley, parent review
"The difference in my children is like night and day. My son is 2 and 1/2 and my daughter is 8 we went from hourly intense meltdowns that lasted anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours and have sometimes lasted up to 4 hours my kids have been on hold for PT and speech for almost a year and have no impulse control, no depth perception or safety awareness they just go a million miles an hour all the time. Yet since being on these vitamins my kids have been calmer and made huge breakthroughs in development and behavior, they concentrate they think things through, and their impulsivity has decreased tremendously! They both have sensitive stomachs an do not keep down any other nutritional supplements. With the Simple Spectrum Supplements, they have not had any issues or gotten sick once! They are hyper sensitive to textures tastes and smells and they do not even notice this in their juice! They’re doing things they’ve never done before and it’s incredible! I can’t wait to see what continued use will help them accomplish and achieve. Their medical teams have all noticed and commented on the vast improvement and will be getting this for their own kids and recommending them to their other patients!!! Texas Medi-Cal even saw such a drastic difference that they wanted to see about funding. We had a hiatus in all therapies for some time and our caseworker came out and couldn’t believe the improvements and it was ALL the supplement."
- Jessica Hildebrand (Texas), parent review
"This product is AMAZING!!!.. We had a rocky start but after sending the company a message we got on the right path(Customer service was super fast at answering my message) Since starting the supplement I have notice my son engaging with peers more and just being present. The best part is that he has no idea he is getting all these amazing things in in his little body. My family is very happy and can’t wait for the future."
- Claudia, parent review
"I have been a Pediatric Occupational Therapist in Home Health and in Integrated Schools (Pre-K - 12) since 1988, and I just wanted your Team to be encouraged in your Product launch & development. I have also observed 2 of my OT kiddos and 2 other adults experience incredible results with your Supplement. Recently I have started on a Healing Journey in recovering from Complex PTSD; and so I wanted to have first-hand experience with your product before I ordered it for my daughter, who has ADHD. WOW! I am so amazed! Here is a 'Short List' of the life changing results that I have noticed while just starting with half dosing as recommended:

1. High quality and consistent sleep, every night: 7-8 hours instead of barely 3-5 hours!

2. Greatly REDUCED sugar & caffeine cravings!

3. Reduced anxiety in high stress situations.

4. Clarity &Creativity of thought along with very little 'Mind Traffic'.

5. My therapy (OT) documentation, on my laptop, is more accurate & timelier than ever!

6. Unprecedented CALM demeanor in ALL Social Situations that once triggered distress or paralyzed me with Fear, Fight, Flight or Freeze Responses.

7. My comprehension in reading now allows me to read passages well the 1st Time, rather than reread & reread without understanding! My eyes once felt like they were 'vibrating'. That symptom has completely resolved!

8. Auditory sensitivities and visual distractions are no longer creating anxiety in my Daily Life.

9. My stuttered speech and loss of words is resolving as well.

10. My ability to prioritize &complete simple & complex tasks have also improved, greatly!

I could easily go on and on about how I have had such good results with this Supplement! Thank you for your commitment to helping Our Kiddos and also Helping Clinicians in our Personal Testimony, as we often recommend what 'works for us and our own kids'.

Thank YOU!
Thank YOU!
Thank YOU!
I feel like I am finally getting my LIFE BACK!

- Lisa Robinson, parent review
"They really help with aggression and the missing nutrients our special little girls and guys need. Definitely recommend."
- Heather Marie, parent review
"Since we started my son on Simple Spectrum, he is talking soooooo much to the point that sometimes I miss how quiet my house was lol... he is even singing!!!!! And I started talking to him in Spanish and I can say he is bilingual 👏👏👏👏…his social skills are also getting better, and we are soooo happy.... we are very thankful for products like this!!!!! We are about to increase his dosage a bit, so we are very excited to see all the great changes that are about to happen ☺️...thank you Simple Spectrum Supplement!!!!!!!!!!!
- Claudia Lazarte Snyder, parent review
"I have seen some subtle, positive changes in my child being calmer, more verbal and engaging in imaginative play. I would love to continue using the product and I am so much looking forward to it being available again."
- Suzette, parent review
From Facebook
"I have a son with autism. He is 7 years old, and we have struggled with behaviors and him being nonverbal it's even harder. A friend had told me to try this supplement and told me about it and as soon as I started my son on it, I have seen improvements right away. He's happier and less behaviors. I am super excited and will continue to give this to my son and refer to my friends with their kiddos on the spectrum!"
- Leianna Lucille Sanchez, parent review
From Facebook on 7/1/2019
"I am so happy I found this product. It is incredible! In the past, I have had to give all these ingredients in separate tablets and liquids to my son, an 11-year-old boy, who is on the autism spectrum. Now I can find them all in one product! That is just amazing! And not only that, but it also has prebiotics, which is great! I have seen great improvement, in my same especially in his expressive language and his independent play. I cannot even find words to recommend this product is amazing!"
- Susanna Salem, parent review
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